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The habit that brings you back!


Why not save and buy your coffee in bulk? Unlike many coffee roasters, we offer our complete line of regular, flavored, and decaffeinated coffee wholesale directly to you. All orders are packaged and shipped pre-ground or whole bean to your office, store or organization hours after roasting.

Buying wholesale is perfect for your office, restaurant, store, organization, hotel or bed & breakfast establishment. Not only do you save money, but you're assured of getting a shipment of fresh roasted, premium specialty coffees delivered right to your door. What could be easier?

Coffee Express, Inc. is proud to offer online wholesale ordering. Simply fill out the information at the link below. You will soon receive a wholesale price list and a special wholesale code so your online orders will automatically reflect your wholesaler's discount when ordering. It's fast, easy and secure, so why not get started today?!

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Did you know that Coffee Express can create a unique and tantalizing blend specially crafted for your restaurant, store, business or organization?

Whether you like your coffee mild and aromatic, dark and pungent or somewhere in-between, we'll be happy to customize a blend to suit your preferences. Our private label blends are great for entry-level merchandising like restaurants or Mom & Pop shops , high-volume marketing (trade shows and seminars) or even to help foster company camaraderie (Let the wimps gather around the water cooler - the movers and shakers will plan world conquest while gathered around the coffee pot drinking the company's personalized blend!)

Private labeled coffee is also a great fundraising tool to help raise money for school-sponsored activities, or for athletics, band and charitable organizations.

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